Label Electro italien

Different Twins Different Twins Italie Chill Out, Electronica, Deep House
High Scream Records High Scream Records Italie Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Drum & Bass
MNSTRY MNSTRY Italie Tech House, Techno, Deep House, Minimal
O Music Recordings O Music Recordings Italie Pop, Dance
RAIN Records RAIN Records Italie Techno, Tech House, House, Deep House
Samui Recordings Samui Recordings Italie House
Guerilla Crew Rec Guerilla Crew Rec Italie Electro House
TendenziA Records TendenziA Records Italie House
Get Over Records Get Over Records Italie Progressive House
Woot Records Woot Records Italie Techno
Factory Beat Recordings Factory Beat Recordings Italie Techno, Deep House, Electronica, Tech House
Art & Music Recording Art & Music Recording Italie Progressive House
Shoefiti Records Shoefiti Records Italie Tech House
Doner Music Doner Music Italie Electronica
Lapsus Music Lapsus Music Italie Tech House
Thatz Right Music Thatz Right Music Italie Minimal
Cube Recordings Cube Recordings Italie House
Graygoo Records Graygoo Records Italie Trance, Electro House
Krypton Recordings Krypton Recordings Italie Techno, Tech House
Creptonit Records Creptonit Records Italie Techno, Tech House
Betelgeuse Recordings Betelgeuse Recordings Italie Electro House
Boiler Underground Records Boiler Underground Records Italie Techno, Tech House, Minimal
Cube Trax Cube Trax Italie Techno, Tech House
Factory Beat Black Factory Beat Black Italie Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica
Musiko Record Musiko Record Italie Techno, Tech House, Electronica
Kluster Records Kluster Records Italie House
Get Deep Records Get Deep Records Italie Deep House
Bigtools Records Bigtools Records Italie Techno
Insane Code Recordings Insane Code Recordings Italie Techno
Starside Records Starside Records Italie Tech House
Amazing Records Amazing Records Italie Techno
Phunk Traxx Phunk Traxx Italie Techno
Randomatic Records Randomatic Records Italie Techno
Dirty Minds Dirty Minds Italie Hard Techno
Retail Recordings Retail Recordings Italie Techno
Unusual Recordings Unusual Recordings Italie Techno
CibiCaldi Records CibiCaldi Records Italie Deep House
Tief Tief Italie Tech House
Bauns Bauns Italie Tech House
Be Synth Records Be Synth Records Italie Techno
Unrilis Unrilis Italie Techno
Prospect Records Prospect Records Italie Tech House, Techno
909 Individual 909 Individual Italie Techno
Chill Cake Chill Cake Italie Chill Out
Dissident Movement Dissident Movement Italie Techno, Electronica
Loose Records Loose Records Italie Techno
Keep! Keep! Italie House, Dance, Electro House
Nsoul Records Nsoul Records Italie House
Seddior Records Seddior Records Italie Techno, Hard Techno
Mushroom Smile Records Mushroom Smile Records Italie Tech House
Hoop Records Italie House, Progressive House, Electro House
Tief Ltd Tief Ltd Italie Tech House
Four Fingers Hand Four Fingers Hand Italie Deep House, House, Tech House
Arrant Records Arrant Records Italie Progressive House, Trance
Monoplast Records Monoplast Records Italie Minimal
Phobiq Phobiq Italie Techno
Irene Records Irene Records Italie Techno
Analytictrail Analytictrail Italie Techno
Expectancy Records Expectancy Records Italie Tech House
GrooveLounge Records GrooveLounge Records Italie Chill Out, Electronica
Monday Morning Records Monday Morning Records Italie Minimal
Endless Endless Italie Deep House
Let’s Go Dancing Records Let’s Go Dancing Records Italie Techno, Tech House, Electronica
Luup Luup Italie Tech House, House
Overbeat Records Italie House, Tech House, Electro House, Progressive House
OVNI MUSIC OVNI MUSIC Italie Deep House, Techno, Nu Disco, House
B74Records B74Records Italie House, Deep House, Tech House
Be Free Recordings Be Free Recordings Italy Deep House, Electronica
Black Vision Black Vision Italy Techno
Burnk Digital Burnk Digital Italy House, Tech House, Deep House
Claps Records Claps Records Italy Tech House, Deep House, House
Di5quiet Records Di5quiet Records Italy Techno
Domozero Domozero Italy Techno, Tech House, Chill Out, Minimal
Earthly Delights Earthly Delights Italy Electronica, Deep House
Etznab Etznab Italy Electronica, Chill Out
Extravaganza Extravaganza Italy Tech House
GrooveArtMusic GrooveArtMusic Italy House, Tech House, Deep House, Techno
Mood Funk Records Mood Funk Records Italy House, Tech House, Deep House
Moodality Moodality Italy Techno
Petra Beat Records Petra Beat Records Italy Techno
PNA Records PNA Records Italy Techno
Refined Refined Italy Deep House, House, Tech House
Skullbusted Skullbusted Italy Tech House
Traktoria Traktoria Italy House, Nu Disco, Tech House
MONOSIDE Italy House, Tech House
WTF! Music WTF! Music Italy Techno, Tech House
Total Freedom Recordings Total Freedom Recordings Italy Progressive House
Motibus Records Italy Tech House
Pulse Code Records Pulse Code Records Italy House, Tech House, Techno, Minimal
No-Logik Records Italy Tech House, Techno
Rebound Audio Rebound Audio Italy Techno
New Creatures New Creatures Italy Deep House
Top Flower Records Top Flower Records Italy Tech House, Techno, Minimal, Deep House
Bondage Records Bondage Records Italy Techno
AdMaiora AdMaiora Italy Tech House, Techno
Opilec Music Opilec Music Italy Techno, Electronica, Indie Dance
Hotfingers Hotfingers Italy House
Different Sound Different Sound Italy Techno, Tech House
Jekos Lab Jekos Lab Italy Tech House
Redrum Music Redrum Music Italy Techno
High Pressure Music High Pressure Music Italy Tech House
Cablage Records Cablage Records Italy House, Deep House, Minimal, Techno
AREA 94 AREA 94 Italy House
Noisy Darts Records Noisy Darts Records Italy Minimal, Techno, Tech House, Deep House
SonarWave Records SonarWave Records Italy Minimal, Techno, Tech House, House
Exigua Records Exigua Records Italy Dance, Pop
Bizarre Music Bizarre Music Italy House
FKJ Music Records FKJ Music Records Italy House, Electro House
Blackpoint Records Blackpoint Records Italy Minimal, Techno, Tech House, Deep House
Ruzzy Records Italy Minimal
Lion Beat Recordings Lion Beat Recordings Italy Minimal
Etruria Beat Etruria Beat Italy Techno
Groovejet Records Italy House
Sphynx Records Sphynx Records Italy House
Trashz Recordz Trashz Recordz Italy Techno, House, Indie Dance, Breaks
Seqtor Seqtor Italy Techno, Hardcore, Hard Techno
Riot Recordings Riot Recordings Italy Techno
Duff Music Duff Music Italy Tech House
Prizma Records Prizma Records Italy Progressive House
Moonklift Records Moonklift Records Italy Techno, Tech House, Minimal, House, Deep House
Sound Revolution Records Sound Revolution Records Italy Deep House, Minimal
D-FLOOR Music Italy Tech House
Subwoofer Records Subwoofer Records Italy Techno, Hard Techno, Hardcore
Kill Beat Kill Beat Italy Electro House
Clorophilla Records Italy Minimal, Techno, Tech House, Deep House
Level One Records Level One Records Italy Minimal, Techno, Tech House, House
Criminal R3cords Criminal R3cords Italy Techno, Tech House
Neurotic Sound Neurotic Sound Italy Minimal
Wishful Records Wishful Records Italy Chill Out, Deep House, House
Expatriate Records Expatriate Records Italy Deep House
Vike Recordings Vike Recordings Italy Tech House, Techno, Deep House, Minimal
Piko Music Piko Music Italy Progressive House
Lower Upper Lower Upper Italy Minimal
Theatre Records Theatre Records Italy Tech House
DubGestion DubGestion Italy Minimal
Myo Records Myo Records Italy House
Full Room Records Full Room Records Italy Electro House
Diamond Rec Diamond Rec Italy Minimal, Techno, Tech House
Urbantribes Records Urbantribes Records Italy Tech House, Deep House

Dirty Beatz Records Dirty Beatz Records Suede House, Dubstep, Glitch Hop
Elga Records Elga Records Suede Hard Dance, Dance, Techno, Trance
Northern Electronics Northern Electronics Suede Techno, Electronica
Pleasurex Records Pleasurex Records Suede Minimal, Electronica, House
One Of A Kind One Of A Kind Suede Progressive House
Studio Barnhus Suede Deep House
Buce Records Buce Records Suede Progressive House
Truesoul Truesoul Suede Techno, Tech House
Trunkfunk Trunkfunk Suede Deep House
Yellow Recordings Yellow Recordings Suede Techno
Karlovak Karlovak Suede House
Parabel Parabel Suede Techno
Strommen Strommen Suede Techno
Little Struggling Ant Records Little Struggling Ant Records Suede Techno
Vode Music Suede House
Refune Records Refune Records Suede Progressive House, House
PRMD PRMD Suede Progressive House
Vivrant Vivrant Suede Progressive House
LE7ELS LE7ELS Suede Progressive House
Spirit Soul Records Spirit Soul Records Suede Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Size Records Size Records Suede Electro House, Progressive House, House, Techno
H-Productions H-Productions Suede Techno
Drumcode Drumcode Suede Techno
PANG Records! PANG Records! Suede Deep House, Chill Out, House
Millaway Music Millaway Music Suede Trance